Sunday, September 05, 2004


Hi People (Don't I Sound Important ;-) )
Before I start My posting, Lets have a short session of Who am I?

Bought up on Ladybird
Encountered Enid Blyton at an Early Age
Devoured Hardy boys & Nancy Drew
Moved on To John Grisham
Visited WW2 with The Eagle
Plotted conspiracy With Jeffrey Archer
Satisfied my detail Fetish With Tom Clancy
Discovered science Fiction with Asimov
Enjoyed its original flavor With E.E. 'Doc' Smith
And Tasted its age with the later works on Heinlein
Obessed Over the Fate of Middle earth With Tolkin
Imagined the beauty of the Bellinum in David Eddings works
And the Scale Of the Wars Of Midkermia with Raymond Fiest
And Finally Discovered the Joy Of Satire and Wit with Pratchett

So Who Am I????????

BBusyBookWorm at you service. 8-)
posting For The First Time