Friday, February 27, 2015

Reading rut

rut 1


An uninspired routine or pattern of behavior that one continues unthinkingly or because change is difficult.


It seems to me that its very easy to slip into a rut, doing the same thing again and again or sticking to something familiar as its more comfortable.

If feels like I've been in a bit of a rut with my reading habits over the past few months. With RL being busy, the time available for reading for pleasure has been in short supply, and I feel I've fallen into the trap of not leaving my comfort zone as as the risk of wasting time on a non enjoyable book felt to high.

Well, with the new year just beginning I've decided that enough is enough and took a late resolution to revive an old system which has served me well in the past.

1) Read one new book for every old favourite or one by a familiar author.

2) Read at least one new book every week.

In the past these two goals have been a great guideline as its led me to discovering a lot of new authors that I now enjoy and has give me a lot of things to think about.

The second one is quiet critical, as being a news junkie it too easy to spend all my time following the feeds and realize that’I've not actually read a 'pBook' book in a while. 

So I've kicked off this resolution by readings couple of books that have been in my reading pile for a while. 

What I'm going to attempt to do now on a regular basis is put in a short review of the book, and hopefully keep myself honest.