Sunday, November 25, 2007

Clancys Conondrum

When Recently going over my Tom Clancy Collection, It got me thinking about how the nature of his books has changed.
Iin the Beginning while his books such as Hunt for Red October were quiet action paced, and not that much different from other thrillers out at that time, they did contain the elements that went on to become Clancy Classics, such as the depth in detail, the characterization and the multiple story arcs.

However it seems that over the last few years, he seems to be in a rut, churning out a lot of Fat detailed books, but loosing the tight well though plots that made even the thickest book a joy to read. What started in Debt of honor and in reached its peak in Teeth of the Tiger, has done what I thought was unthinkable a few years ago. It made me apathetic to his new books.

While I still enjoy his older books, with Red Storm Rising still on my all time favourite list (Having worn through 3 copies) No longer do I recommend his as one of my must read 'Authors', now just suggesting a specific book or two.

I've decided to now include a recommend for a Beg, Buy or Borrow with every Post, so Todays recommend is

Buy for Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy